3 Signs It Is Time To Outsource Your Recruitment To One Of The Top Executive Search Firms In Canada

“Why would I want to outsource my entire executive search to an executive search firm in Canada when I have my own in-house staff to do the recruitment?” This is one of the most common questions we come across. Well, now would be a good time to answer this question. Here is a list of 3 signs that would indicate that it is time to outsource your executive recruitment to one of the top executive search firms in Canada.
  • Lack Of Experience In Your Recruiting Team
Carrying out an executive search is a skill of another level, one that is very different from filing a normal job vacancy. The chances are that your company does not have the right amount of experience or the right expert to carry out an executive search. Many companies further justify in-house hiring by stating that they do not have enough best executive search firms in Canada requirements. But one thing that companies need to understand is that cost of hiring a bad candidate or rehiring is much more than outsourcing it in the first place. 

The skills needed to attract, and convert passive talent at the executive level are very important. The search firm helps you form a level of partnership with the candidate where both the parties are taken into considerations.
  • Lack Of Quality Hires
The second big sign is that you have already suffered from the quality of hires in your company. In such case, it is time to utilize an executive recruiter in numerous ways. The search firms can help you run an audit of your hiring process and help you identify the pitfalls in the whole process at the same time hiring the most suitable candidate for you. Not only this, but a lot of good candidates also go bad if their onboarding process is not handled properly. Having a firm can help ensure a smooth process from the beginning till the end thus increasing the chances of retention manifold. 
  • Too Much Turnover
The key to good recruitment is retaining the candidate you have hired especially at crucial executive positions. Having frequent resignations for top posts can lead to higher overall turnover rate of your company as it is rightly said, “Employees do not leave the company. They leave managers.”  Hiring a wrong candidate is worse than hiring no candidate at all. Engaging an external executive search partner can help you hire the right candidates in the first place. The executives whose goals coincide with the company’s goals would help achieve a lower turnover rate in the long run.